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Fancy Hat Tea Party

The 2011 Fancy Hat Tea Party hosted by the Museum society at the old Gibson House was a roaring success.

Attending the fancy hat tea partyLadies in all their finery showed off their hats. One phenomenal hat was an original from 1860, others just made up on the spot. They all had one thing in common – they belonged to ladies who like to have fun and enjoy the day.

As the participants arrived they were met by Don Bodden Sr., Dennis Kupiak and John Armstrong who welcomed the ladies to the Gibson House and escorted them up the steps. This fine old heritage house adorned with lace and linen table clothes and topped with flowers kindly donated by Hildred Finch, basked in the laughter and camaraderie. Old quilts, an original Pennsylvania wash stand, a wood burning kitchen range and old cupboard added to the old world charm. The walls were adorned with paintings loaned by local artists, Jeanne Duncan prize winner of Emily Carr and Federation of Canada competitions, Tamara Wigglesworth, Shirley Douglas, Margan McLean, Shelly Lippert and Judy Chisholm.

Although the rain resulted in the outside entertainment being cancelled, the tea leaf reader was warm and dry in her tent with a line of ladies waiting to have their tea leaves read. Meanwhile, inside the house the youngsters were enjoying watching the adults act like kids. There was a small incident when Herma the Monk stole Wild Stella’s pistol and tried to rob the cashiers, Doreen Smith and Doreen Topping, but the cashiers would have nothing to do with it. Herma left empty handed and had to explain all to Stella. Yes, Wild Stella from Osoyoos dressed as Annie Oakley came complete with her guns.

There was a brisk business going on in the sunroom where Trish Broderick had set up a temporary outlet of her Collector’s Cottage found in Cawston on Coulthard Road. She kindly donated gifts for the door prizes as well.

Prize winner of best hat went to Carrie Lynn from Vancouver, second prize was Flo Winfrey and third was Joyce Fauteux. There were so many contenders that it was hard for the judges to pick just three winners. Prizes of hand made jewellery were donated by Tamara Wigglesworth for the competition.

As the guests were leaving they were asking if the museum would do another tea, perhaps a Christmas one. At this time the hard working kitchen staff of Celia Pattendon, C.C. Bodden, Della Barrett and new museum summer staff, Jenifer Sparkes, working under the excellent guidance of Pat Kupiak are resting with their feet up.
We’ll have to wait and see if there is a room on the museum’s calendar of events. The museum society has many plans in the works including a pioneer picnic in August and of course, more social afternoons where reminiscing of days gone by and poring over old pictures take place.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this dynamic group of individuals drop by the museum at the corner of Sixth St, and Sixth Avenue, Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m.till 5 p.m. and talk to Jenifer.

Remember, today is tomorrow’s history.